Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ye Olde Climate Change

Even though a massive amount of negative info regarding climate change science, or lack there of, has been hacked or whistle blown out of East Anglia University's Climate Change Unit, no one seems to care. Al Gore's hockey sticks have been proven to be a fraud & yet he is still the Sage of Environmentalism & his Carbon Market Schemes continue to come closer & closer to reality. The people seem comfortable with their fate. BTW: You cannot stop pollution by making it profitable. There will not be a positive environmental change if Wall Street trades carbon offsets.

I say

Stop blaming us. Our children, cars & lifestyles cannot even come close to matching the pollution of the Military Industrial Conquistadors. Stop importing everything from China & watch pollution diminish from the lack of transpacific shipping alone. This of course is impossible because if we stopped buying Chinese Slave Made Goods then we would find America fighting a war against Chinese Debt Collectors.

Hey Government instead of spending a trillion on war, trill on zombie banks & a trill on the failure of health care why don't we spend a Trill on American engineered & built solar technology. Leave the Chinese in there own coal fired soot & maybe we will sell them some American made products, for the first time since Clinton sold the PROC nuclear technology. Skip Carbon Credits & Bring on the Solar Credits

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Occam's Razor

On the 11/18/09 Radio Redux I had to rebuff a regular listener & an active Truther because of his blaming 911 on Mossad. Accusing the so called Israeli/Jewish interest for the WTC & Pentagon Conspiracy is pointless. It turns the discussion off. Anytime you attempt to blame an event on a very general group of people you enable laziness in discussions & hatred in beliefs. In the case of Israel it acts as cover for the crimes against Palestinians & others directly affected by Israeli expansion & war.

When dealing in conspiracy the why & how can be even more important than the who. Even if you do find the true conspirators of 9ELEVEN & bring them to Justice this does not mean an end to the overt & covert programming of this Nation's destruction. Removing the program is more important than removing individuals, because there are always willing & unwitting servants to this Order of Chaos. Remove the chaos & illuminate the shadows & Justice will come to those whom are guilty.
Just because We the People still don't fully know who was responsible for 9ELEVEN doesn't mean that we don't know why and how it happened. The how, might be a more ambiguous answer; but the why is simple, very simple.

Leo Strauss, a Jewish German who avoided Nazi Germany by receiving a Rockefeller Fellowship in 1932, spent the bulk of his academic career @ the University of Chicago & he is the Philosophical Godfather of The GWOT. He taught students like Paul Wolfowitz that the masses need to understand the world in Black & White, Good & Evil. He thought this was the most effective way to coopt and manipulate the people into acting against their(our) own self-interest. Axis of Evil anyone?

After the Cold War ended. What was going to bring the people together to support policy and legislation that is against their(our) own self interests? Without the USSR, the potential for the world to live under a Pax Americana became possible, but come the terrorists. The First WTC bombing, OKC,& the Militia Movements gave the Media & politicians, an opportunity to re-frame the Straussian paradigm for the 21st century. Then came al-Qaeda: African Embassies, Khobar Towers, Kosovo, USS Cole & supposedly they trained for all of this @ fake al Qaeda Summer Camp Jihad somewhere in the Afghan Tribal Mountain Border Region.

We the people, were still not primed to enrapture a new Post Cold War. So there had to be that catalyzing New Pearl Harbor.

We are told that it is incompetence & bureaucracy that caused 9eleven, & this is this same Justification that would be used throughout the W Days to explain Iraq, Hurricane Katrina, the economic crash, & all the corruption. As Transportation Secy Norm Mineta said to the 911 Commission---

"When one of something occurs, it's an accident. When two of the same things occur, it's a pattern. When three of the same thing occur, it's a program."
---The Bush Admin was programmed to fail America so they could initiate the Project for a New American Century, sell out America & Globalize the Dictatorship of Finance Capitalists.

Now to the how, it is obvious to me & maybe to you. Military Exercises, High Tech Demolition (WTC1&2) Traditional Demolition (WTC7), The Pentagon; all self inflicted wounds. Don't get lost in the Minutiae just watch those buildings collapse into dust in real time, & think of whether it is possible to fly a plane or whatever in the Pentagon, none of the official mythology makes any sense when you are using logic & rationale thinking skills.

The who plays a role in understanding 911 as well but it is not the priority for me (not because I am Zionist or a Jesuit or whatever)but because beyond the individual despots & criminals our society has been programmed to fail & unless we reboot, there will be a Crash of the Republic

We are now in Perpetual War & even the Hope for Change you can Believe in President can't/won't stop it now. We are going to place Corporations & Profit above individual liberty & the assertion of our inalienable rights. Their goal is a Globalized Scientific Dictatorship ruled by the Socio-economic Elites. The American Middle Class will evaporate & there will be no more American Lifestyle. Not a McPoison inside of Wal Mars, but think about what Europe went through during WWII & how long it has been since we were living with a full scale war here in Amer

Where is the resistance & reaffirmation of freedom for posterity from the most unstable variable(US) in the GSD. This could not have happened so quickly without a 9ELEVEN.